Fast-growing daily deal site Groupon Inc. has filed paperwork for its hotly anticipated initial public offering of stock. The regulatory filing Thursday sets the potential value of the IPO at $750 million. Groupon’s move follows an IPO by social-networking site LinkedIn that valued that company at $9 billion by the end of its first day […]

Some folks seem to be magnets for mosquitoes, while others rarely get bitten. What makes the little buggers single you out and not the guy or gal you’re standing next to at the Memorial Day backyard barbecue? The two most important reasons a mosquito is attracted to you have to do with sight and smell, […]

An international panel of experts says cellphones are possibly carcinogenic to humans after reviewing details from dozens of published studies. The statement was issued in Lyon, France, on Tuesday by the International Agency for Research on Cancer after a weeklong meeting of experts. They reviewed possible links between cancer and the type of electromagnetic radiation […]

A video showing a 13-year-old boy’s mutilated corpse has shocked many Syrians and is turning the victim, Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, into a martyr. Many of those demanding the end of President Bashar Assad’s regime say his death will strengthen their resolve and inspire others to come to their cause. Too graphic for us to post, […]

Tar sands oil (or “tar sands”) is slang for bituminous sand, a mixture of sand, clay, water and an extremely gooey form of petroleum known as bitumen, which resembles tar in appearance. Extracting commercially viable crude oil from tar sands is especially difficult because the thick and sticky mixture won’t flow unless it is heated […]

Participants in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride Sunday expressed mixed feelings about the involvement of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R). Palin, along with husband Todd and daughters Bristol and Piper, joined the hundreds of thousands of riders who gather in D.C. every year to raise awareness for prisoners of war and soldiers missing […]

The Supreme Court upheld a ruling ordering California to release 46,000 prisoners in order to alleviate overcrowding. Mansfield Frazier, who has done time, on why flogging may be more humane than a decrepit prison. At first glace, the title of Peter Moskos’ new book, In Defense of Flogging, strikes you as a barbaric hoax being […]

The Securities and Exchange Commission wasted $1 million on virtual data storage it bought in 2008, the agency’s internal watchdog said, part of a series of investigations into the agency’s procurement practices. SEC Inspector General David Kotz is also expected to unveil soon the findings of a probe into the SEC’s leasing process, after the […]

IT organizations that have sought to reduce costs through outsourcing are finding the services end up being more costly than they thought, and the service providers can’t offer the flexibility that internal staff can.

CIO – The City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has never owned an Exchange server, but starting on Memorial Day it will roll out Exchange and Outlook e-mail for 2,700 of its workers. Winston-Salem – population 230,000 – is yet another in a recent spate of city governments that have chosen to move to a cloud […]