American employers stepped up their hiring in December, bringing the unemployment rate down again. The economy added 200,000 jobs in the month, the Labor Department reported Friday, closing out the year with 1.6 million jobs gained in 2011. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell to 8.5%, the lowest level since February 2009. The encouraging news was […]

According to a recent new report by the U.S. Census Bureau, one in six Americans are now living in poverty — more than 46 million people, or roughly 15 percent of all Americans. This is the highest number since the Census Bureau began tracking poverty 52 years ago. In 2010 alone, 2.6 million more American […]

The downgrading of U.S. government bonds by Standard & Poor’s has become a campaign-shaping event for President Barack Obama and whoever his Republican adversary turns out to be. In fact, it’s ensured that the 2012 election will be fought on the battlefield of debt and unemployment. The reverberation from that demotion means that Electoral College […]

When you set about tidying and reorganizing your linen closet or garage, don’t forget about your credit report. Your credit history is the foundation of your financial stability. The information in your credit report is what scoring companies such as FICO use to generate your credit scores, which govern everything from how much you pay […]