Does killing Bin Laden make us any safer?

This is a great question that pops up in our minds. Well here is my take on it as someone who has lived in the middle east. I think with Bin Laden out of the picture (thank God) the world is much safer as the master mind is now gone. However, there will likely be some Bin Laden wanna be that will try to take his place and this is where the real answer going to be more precise.

It is very likely Bin Laden supporters will try to make small attacks in the short term as a pay back to what happend to their leader. Additionally, they will also work on planning a larger attack in the long term.
Of course you may ask how can we get ready? Well, with all the security measures we have in place, we should be good and this is likely all we can do. Other things that can be done is to minimize our travel to areas where they are hostile against westerners like Pakistan, Afghanistan … etc.

In the long term, I would hope that United States and its allies (like United Kingdom) would work on their international relations to increase our popularity. Even though we are talking about countries here, they still should consider what you call a public relations campaign that would work on fixing our image as americans or westerners for the rest of the world that has already preceived us with very negative impressions thus far over the last 15 years.

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