CIO – The City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has never owned an Exchange server, but starting on Memorial Day it will roll out Exchange and Outlook e-mail for 2,700 of its workers.

Winston-Salem – population 230,000 – is yet another in a recent spate of city governments that have chosen to move to a cloud service for e-mail and collaboration. With tighter budgets than most corporations, government agencies have been the first wave of cloud adopters, setting off a war for Uncle Sam’s business between Google (Google Apps) and Microsoft (Office 365).
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona researchers have discovered that Viagra® drastically reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms in animal models with the disease. The research, published in Acta Neuropathologica, demonstrates that a practically complete recovery occurs in 50% of the animals after eight days of treatment. Researchers are confident that clinical trials soon will be carried out in patients given that the drug is well tolerated and has been used to treat sexual dysfunction in some multiple sclerosis patients.
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They came for the men first, as the security forces of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad killed, beat and arrested people protesting against his regime.

Next, they came for the women of Syria’s revolution. Despite the threats, however, they refuse to be silenced.

As the violence has become worse, women activists have organised a Friday protest of Free Women showing solidarity with those seized or killed. Women-only protests in towns across the country have led the effort to let the outside world know what is happening in Syria. But they are now being targeted as well, with the same lethal brutality.
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Pornography was found in a raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan last week that led to his death, a source familiar with the materials said.

The material was sexually explicit, the source said.

The source would not discuss exactly where it was found, what it was, or if it is believed to be the al Qaeda leader’s or belonging to someone else living in the compound, like the two couriers or bin Laden’s son.

Frankly speaking, I am not surprised. His actions clearly show he is a sick person and religion was just the umbrella that he was using.


Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years – 60% – with more than half of Americans saying he deserves to be re-elected, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll taken after US forces killed the al-Qaida leader, Osama bin Laden.

In concerning signs for Republicans, the president’s standing improved not just on foreign policy but also on the economy, and independent Americans – a key voting bloc in the November 2012 presidential election – caused the overall rise in support by returning to Obama after moving away from him for much of the past two years.
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Microsoft announced an $8.5 billion acquisition of the Internet telephone service Skype Technologies SA from eBay and a group of private equity investors including Silicon Valley heavyweights Silver Lake Partners. The deal is Microsoft’s largest cash purchase in its 36-year long history.
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In an unfolding tale of Silicon Valley skulduggery, Facebook on Thursday fessed up to hiring a top-drawer PR firm to bash rival Google by planting negative stories in newspapers and across the blogosphere.

The social networking giant’s admission that it had hired Burson-Marsteller to rustle up reporters and bloggers to attack the search giant for violating Facebook users’ privacy was just the first of several shoes to drop.

Burson quickly admitted it “undertook an assignment” for Palo Alto-based Facebook, then said accepting the assignment “was not standard procedure” and that it should never have done it. And while Google did not return repeated requests for interviews, company spokesman Chris Gaither, with

typical Google whimsy, told USA Today that “we’re not going to comment further. Our focus is on delighting people with great products.”

So the question pops up more and more often especially when you are looking to buy a car. Should you get a hybrid car or not.

The pros and cons of hybrid car is one of the widely discussed topics since hybrid car is a trend among the new generation vehicles. Hybrid car is the type of car, which utilizes two different energy sources to meet the energy requirement. Even though the hybrid technology was prevailing for many purposes such as train engines and submarines, its well-liked use among the people was begun only with the incorporation of the idea in the motor vehicles. Hybrid car became soon accepted among the customers, however, its increased popularity arise the need for a cross analysis since it is a fact that every factor will have two sides.
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Does killing Bin Laden make us any safer?

This is a great question that pops up in our minds. Well here is my take on it as someone who has lived in the middle east. I think with Bin Laden out of the picture (thank God) the world is much safer as the master mind is now gone. However, there will likely be some Bin Laden wanna be that will try to take his place and this is where the real answer going to be more precise.

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